"Utilizing technology to provide our clients with unparalleled support."

Managed Network Services

At Standard Digital Imaging, IT is more than just a solution. It's a relationship. We are here to provide you with quality business solutions and ongoing support. We strive for a long-term relationship to help your organization grow and to not worry about your technology needs. Standard Digital Imaging has the personnel and experience to provide you with top-notch service and dedication.

Let Standard Digital Imaging streamline your business operations and communication with a professionally designed, dependable network that improves your work efficiency.

Our networking services include:

Network design and architecture.

Network installation and configuration.

Service and support for existing networks.

Products & Services

Standard Digital Imaging offers a wide range of network products and services to support your company's network(s).

If you do not have an IT staff, we can provide you with all the solutions to build, maintain, upgrade, replace, repair, or do anything else that your network might need. We will even work with your existing vendors and build a relationship with them so that you can do what you do best.

If you do have an IT staff, we can provide products and services to complement them and their job. Are they busy with a project? Or you do not want the overhead of hiring another IT person? Let us help. We can handle the everyday work for them to let them work on bigger projects. Or maybe you need a specialized solution? Standard Digital Imaging can develop a solution, implement it and let your IT staff maintain IT.

Standard Digital Imaging can support your WAN, whether it is 2 or 50 locations throughout the world. We will develop long-term solutions to maximize your dollar and minimize your down-time.

Our staff provides complete server and network maintenance, including backup solutions and antivirus automation.

Standard Digital Imaging can provide a documentation and an analysis of your network(s). We will take a virtual "picture" of your complete network, including servers, printers, workstations, hubs, and so on. This provides a complete look at your network so that we can develop a plan to provide you with better reliability, performance, security, and redundancy. Look to Standard Digital Imaging for Network Services in Philadephia.